Dendrimers: A novel carrier for drug delivery system

  • Noopur Pandey Global Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
  • Kamal Mahara Global Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
Keywords: Dendrimers, Drug Delivery, nanotechnology


Dendrimers are macromolecules having highly branched, 3 D structure, nano scale architecture with monodispersity and high functionality. These properties make it attractive candidates as unique and optimum drug carriers for controlled release or targeted delivery. Dendrimer is a smart polymer and as a result of their behavior dendrimers are suitable for a wide range of biomedical and industrial applications and in medical applications such as drug delivery, tumor therapy, diagnostics etc. The field of dendrimers has recently emerged as the most commercially viable technology of this century because of its wide ranging potential applications in many fields such as: healthcare, electronics, photonics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, catalysis and nanotechnologies. The review aims mainly on the introduction, objectives, properties, synthesis and applications, in future aspects of dendrimers. Dendrimers help in achieving increased bioavailability, sustained, controlled and targeted release of drug.

Author Biographies

Noopur Pandey, Global Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research

Department of Pharmaceutics
Global Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research,
Kashipur, Dehradun,
Uttaranchal, India

Kamal Mahara, Global Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research

Department of Pharmaceutics
Global Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research,
Kashipur, Dehradun,
Uttaranchal, India


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