Extraction and Purification of Nucleic Acid using CBNP and PCIA Technique

  • Nirav Soni A-One Pharmacy College
Keywords: CBNP and PC or PCIA Method, Process, Reagent


Isolation of Nucleic acid easily by Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and this approach, using commercially available Extraction of nucleic acid column-based kits, requires no toxic chemicals and is a rapid and consistent method for concomitant protein extraction. It is a modern technique useful for separation of Nucleic acid which is most reliable, less time consuming and separation of impurities and continuity of reactive products using listed techniques like column-based nucleic acid purification, Nucleic acid methods and ethanol precipitation, DNA separation by silica adsorption. Buffer choice is significant to completely solubilized all proteins in the sample. This technique provides a simple and effective way to analyze protein and nucleic acids simultaneously from the same sample not affecting yield and quality.

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Nirav Soni, A-One Pharmacy College

Department of Quality Assurance,
A-One Pharmacy College,
Anasan, Ahmedabad,
Gujarat, India

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